*post – means after, but still connected to; in continuance of; connecting back to

*dissident – means critical and affirmative; operating through alliances rather than difference, inclusion rather than exclusion; working from a shared, yet multiple desire towards emancipation

*practices – encompasses forms of writing, thinking, shaping, moving, or otherwise bringing into being

DISSIDENCIES ist ein Format des Nachdenkens und Austauschs zu Gegenwart und Geschichte vor, um und nach 1989/90. Dissidencies ist ein Projekt der Berliner Künstlerin und Autorin Elske Rosenfeld.

DISSIDENCIES is a space for short-form textual observations, for making connections and shared thinking around the politics of 1989/90, its before, and after. Dissidencies is a project by Elske Rosenfeld, a berlin-based artist and writer.